Posers 23.05.22


‘Posers’ is Sam RB’s first single in seven years and her debut self-produced single, recorded in her home studio during lockdown.  She will be releasing a single on the 23rd of each month for the next year, starting with ‘Posers’ today. The collection of songs (Into The Wonder) is being mixed and mastered by award winning audio engineer, Andrew Buckton. 

Posers has been described as both chill and upbeat, with a hint of grounded defiance and layers of harmonies and pared back drum and bass. A clever song that pulls the listener in. Like her other songs, it stems from a journey into the fragile dignity of humanity.

“…She still sings with a street-eye view and empathy and speaks of the fragility of people’s souls but her poetic lyrics continue to deepen and widen…” – Graham Reid (Elsewhere)


Produced and recorded by Sam RB.

Vocals and backing vocals; programmed bass, synth, strings and drums; electric guitar – Sam RB.

Flugelhorn – John Mawdsley.

Mixed and mastered by Andrew Buckton.

Artwork by Sam RB

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