2010: Debut Album – ‘Seems I Might Be Human’

Seems I Might Be HumanSam RB’s debut album is a collection of songs written over 20 years, describing her journey and experiences. ‘Seems I Might Be Human’ was made possible with a Media Grant from the Mental Health Foundation of NZ, and has songs like ‘Medicate Me Into Madness’ that challenge the biomedical model and pharmaceutical companies use of SSRIs. While Sam RB’s experience of the mental health system was very positive and empowering, there were times when she experienced discrimination from general health professionals and friends, and songs like ‘To Whom It May Concern’ explore those experiences.

‘Life Has Just Begun’ is a track that grew out of the support and kindness Sam received within the mental health system, where she began to wish for a time where her experience of the world was different. Sam is proud to have this song featuring in the provocative NZ film The Insatiable Moon, which is a story that Sam and her music connect to strongly.

‘Seems I Might Be Human’ was re-released to include the NZ Olympic Song, ‘Stand Tall’ that she wrote and composed. ‘Stand Tall’ depicts that common human journey of finding that place of self respect and standing tall inside. Sam RB relates this song to her own personal journey within the NZ mental health system and the wonderful people that she met along the way, both other service users and health professionals who supported her to stand tall.