2013: Second Album – ‘Queen St Acoustics’


Sam RB’s second album, Queen Street Acoustics, is an album of exploration and discovery. The diverse (14) tracks encompass everything from love songs to social issues such as bullying and the rights of children. There are also reflections on psychosis and depression, and a tribute to NZ artist, the late Don Binney.

“Some albums shout for your attention like disrespectful billboards. Others sit back, waiting for a listener that will understand the subtle complexities of the beauty and tragedy of life that we come to appreciate more the longer we are on this planet. This is how I have come to enjoy ‘Queen Street Acoustics’ by Sam RB. There is a gentle strength behind this collection of songs that caught my ear almost instantly. More of a feeling than these words will convey – a feeling of loss, a feeling of hopelessness shared, a feeling of grace, as well as feelings of hope, love and overcoming. 1989 made me cry. This album needs attention and respect, whether it be through headphones, or a quiet sunday night with a glass of wine. Any time invested will be rewarded with the quiet joy that one finds upon discovering a voice and melody that communicates the secrets and murmurings of a weathered soul. Take the time.”  anonymous from itunes

Queen Street Acoustics is recorded and produced by Andrew Buckton (Studio 203), and also features artists: Stephen Small, Christelle Berthon, Eddie Rayner, Mike Chunn and Andrew Buckton; and cowrites with Jemi Blue and Mike Chunn.