“She still sings with a street-eye view and empathy and speaks of the fragility of people’s souls but her poetic lyrics continue to deepen and widen, and when you hear something as beautiful as ‘It Rains Down’ you know she’s someone special” – Graham Reid


Sam RB is a singer-songwriter and  visual artist. She has three albums, music in the soundtrack of the NZ film ‘The Insatiable Moon‘ and the New Zealand 2012 Olympic Song, Stand Tall, to her name.

On tour with her third album she began painting and now lives as a visual artist. Her debut exhibition ‘Welcome To My World’ was held at Toi Ora Gallery in 2015 and featured in Artweek Auckland. Since then she has featured twice more in Artweek Auckland at Ponsonby Central, in 2016 with ‘Kiwi Bacon Yellow Bus’  and with her latest exhibition called ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’.

Early in life, Sam RB was drawn to songwriting in an attempt to make sense of the world. On leaving school she was forced to step back from her music. While she continued to write, songs came alive behind closed doors and were seldom shared. It took 21 years for Sam RB to find her way back to the music. Transitioning back to work was a further challenge, following an extended period of  mental distress. She was employed in the ‘Like Minds Like Mine’ anti-discrimination campaign for several years before returning to her music and releasing her debut album ‘Seems I Might Be Human’ in 2010.

Her second album ‘Queen Street Acoustics’ was developed busking on Queen Street (Auckland) and captures the wonderful and life-changing transition, from being house-bound to performing live hundreds of times every year. It is an album of exploration and discovery. The diverse tracks encompass everything from love songs to social issues such as bullying and the rights of children. There are also reflections on psychosis and depression, and a tribute to NZ artist, the late Don Binney, co-written with Mike Chunn (Split Enz).

Sam RB’s latest album ‘Finding Your Way Home’ (also produced and recorded by Andrew Buckton at Studio 203) was released in 2014,  and was followed by a North Island Tour. Like many of her songs they were developed on Queen Street as she busked. Graham Reid, award winning travel, arts and music writer, had this to say about her latest work,

“She still sings with a street-eye view and empathy and speaks of the fragility of people’s souls but her poetic lyrics continue to deepen and widen, and when you hear something as beautiful as It Rains Down you know she’s someone special.”

While preparing for her debut exhibition in 2015 she recorded single ‘Myselves’, which was produced and recorded at Paquin Studios by Tom Healy. It explores multiplicity, something she believes we all experience to some degree.

34 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    I had the pleasure of hearing you sing in Queen Street on Saturday, and buying the C.D. Many thanks for the words and music, a wonderful C.D. ( very well engineered and produced ).

    “Music is the Answer— not only for today”

    Kind Regards Larry

  2. Thank you Larry, we talked about amps eh…swiss vs german lol was lovely to meet you, thank you for your comment, its great to hear you dig the album. Andrew Buckton (Studio 203) is the man who did the awesome job of producing and engineering….and he played a bunch of instruments on it too! thanks again x Sam RB

  3. HI Sam
    Do you remember a chinese girl in her teens with a bright red coat , just a few days ago,on August 12,about 4pm. Well that’s me^_^
    I recorded a whole song of yours and that was brilliant,really.
    That was my last few hours staying in NZ and I shall say it is one of the most fantastic experience besides Bungy
    I had never heard such a song that could drag me back to record it .
    My family says they like your song very much after I share the video with them.
    Regret didn’t buy yourCD,but I will try to download it on line
    looking forward to your beautiful voice

  4. thank you Vina! I was up by the metro centre next to starbucks d=] im really pleased you enjoyed my music. you can watch a music video for Stand Tall that has some footage from that same spot here – http://youtu.be/TwCnSnv-ufw
    you can get my debut album from itunes – http://itunes.apple.com/nz/artist/sam-rb/id521846801 and maybe one day youll be back to NZ and ill have my next album recorded by then

    thank you for posting, you can stay in the loop with my music here on FB if you like – https://www.facebook.com/samRBnz

    take care

    x Sam RB

  5. Tuesday night, I was almost late for Batman at Imax but had to stop and listen to this lovely voice singing such a catchy song over a grooving guitar.

    Since when did Queen St buskers get this cool?

    So glad I bought the CD. It’s been on high rotate ever since.

    I hope you soon get the funds for the follow-up


  6. Hey Peter, I remember you 🙂 I hope I was playing one of my own songs when you were there, cos I’m digging your description of the music! I started to busk to pay off my debut album production costs end of 2010, and just loved it so much I’ve not stopped, it’s also not that easy to get ‘indoor gigs’…people are happy for you to provide live music but don’t always want to pay…so as one of those musicians who needs to eat etc lol I busk to make a living. I’m about to hit some cafes again tho and try and get some gigs, but won’t ever give up busking…I love it. Stoked to hear you’re enjoying my album, i hope to have another one soon! Thanks for posting Peter, cheers Sam RB x
    Ps hope batman was great

  7. Dear Sam, this is Jiani (w78) here! I cant wait to put your CD into my CD player after I finished work, really really enjoyed the whole album and totally impressed by your talent and your pure and soothing voice! Thank you so much for your CD again! They are not only good music for driving, instead, they are the music people will fall for at the first instinct!

    Plz get better soon and I cant wait for your new album haha…

    Keep us updated with your release of new album….

    All the Best!!!!

  8. Kia ora Jiani! thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, i know how busy you must be. Im so pleased you are enjoying my album, and yes im hanging out to get back into the studio to record my next one! theres another song ‘A Light Went Out’ on the music page on this website, if you like it flick me an email samrb@vodafone.co.nz, and ill email you the song. Im doing really well, thank you for helping me on w78 x Sam RB

  9. Hi Sam. A very pleasant evening was spent at a House Concert in the garden of Rosemary & Mike Riddell last night. You have such an amazing pure voice, I thought I was going to cry when you first started singing! Thank you and I hope we see you down here in Cambridge again soon. Kia kaha Marie

  10. Kia Ora Marie

    Thanks so much! Was a cool night eh, and how good was that Waikato weather! Awesome 🙂

    Thanks again for coming, if you are ever in Queen St keep an ear out for me 🙂 next time I busking in Cambridge ill get the Riddells to let you know

    x Sam RB

  11. Hi Sam,

    I bought your CD from you last Sunday night. We were attracted by your voice from the other side of the street. The cd is amazing. You have a wonderful, expressive, articulate, strong and musical voice and are a great song writer. But you looked a little fragile and ill – hope you were just a bit tired and that you are really in great health. We can hear lots of others in your voice and songs…..but you are very unique. Hope you go from strength to strength.

    Best wishes

    Greg and Leanne
    Ocean Grove, VIctoria OZ

  12. Hi Greg and Leanne

    thank you for your comment 🙂 Im so pleased to hear you are enjoying my debut album, ive just recently booked the dates in February to record album #2! excited! im allergic to lots of food and sometimes im naughty and eat a bit of food im not supposed to eat, and it gives me really bad dark shadows under my eyes lol makes me look pretty munted! but other than that im in good health. i dont think ive been in great health since i was 8 😉 thanks again and this is my FB page if you want to keep in the loop – https://www.facebook.com/samRBnz have a good friday, hope its a blue sky day where ever you are 😀 x Sam RB

  13. 15th Dec Crazy Christmas shopping rush, older fatter balding Dad, still stopped in my tracks by your sound, (hadn’t recognised the “Stand Tall” connection) and had to come back and listen and quickly buy your CD. My friend Dylan Wade who teaches my son Guitar told me more about you; really likes your busking setup! Love the CD. Pleasure to have met you human being!

  14. ha that made me laugh 🙂 thank you Mike! my next album is out in 2013, im recording it in Feb, cant wait. Pleasure to meet you to co-human-being 😉 im looking forward to the weather improving and taking that busking setup up North. Happy New Year!

  15. Hi Sam, still listening to your amazing voice and music. Can’t wait for your next cd. How about something live in Melbourne?


    Greg (as above….)

  16. Hey Greg! In the studio from next Wednesday recording Queen Street Acoustics 😀 can’t wait! Would love to come to Melbourne, probably have more luck getting a gig there than here in Auckland eh lol hope you are well x Sam RB

  17. Hi Sam,
    As Emmylou sings ‘ i found me a diamond’ . I am so glad I bought your cd this morning at the wesley markets. I hope you find your bigger spotlight soon (dont want to hear another rodriguez story) when you do remember the indian guy who stole your cd and spoke about Mary Gauthier.
    take care God bless.
    prakash rodrigues

  18. Prakash! It was so lovely to meet you, thank you for stopping to chat. I was so surprised you knew of Mary G! Next time we meet I will have to sing you one of my favorites, maybe Mercy Now, or Empty Spaces or Before You Leave… You have a wonderful warm and friendly way about you, thank you for sharing that with me x

  19. Hi Sam I don’t know if you remember me and my husband our names are Serena Paddy, I was the English lady and paddy was the Indian man we purchased your latest cd on queen street on the Thursday 28 march , you was singing hallijuha and paddy ask if it was on your cd, and that you sing it better than the original. What you don’t know that at present me Serena is going through cancer treatment and I find your cd a great strength and relaxing and warm and kind of spiritual. So Thankyou for your wonderfull voice and please please if there is any way you do sing hallijuha on a cd I would love to buy it. Also or other cd were can I purchase it. Many many thanks for your great voice. Serena God Bless you

  20. I do remember you guys, Serena! Paddy made me laugh with his comment re singing covers 🙂 Thank you for posting comment, I very much appreciate it. I’m so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. im moved and honoured that my music has been helpful to you x thank you

    I can pop other album in post, I’ll flick you an email, also i have a new gig in CBD that might interest you guys 🙂

    And yes if I ever record Hallelujah 🙂 there’s a version of ‘falling in love’ up on utube.

  21. Hi Sam Serena again please send me details of you gig , and also details to purchase your other cd. And a good cover of falling in live now do one for hallijuha lol. Fantastic voice

  22. HI Sam!! I am the girl who come from Hong Kong and i bought both the first and second albums with my mum today 🙂 your voice is really amazing!! i will definitely share your cds with my relatives and friends in Hong Kong 😉 I really appreciate your attitude towards music and look forward to your 3rd album! Cheers Harriet 😉

  23. Kia ora Harriet!
    Was lovely to meet you and your Mum the other day, sorry for my slow response! Im so pleased to hear you are enjoying my music. My music is available on itunes and i can post copies of my album if you ever want any more, just flick me an email. See you on FB 😉

  24. I am really inspired by your work! 🙂 takes a lot of guts to get up on the streets and express our hearts content. Big up to the music and good luck with everything!! 😀 i been an aspiring musician/creative song writer for years and its a slow process but doing all i can to get my music heard! Life without music would be pointless. Feel free to check out my music and lyrical concepts – http://www.soundcloud.com/somethingyouthful and http://www.soundcloud.com/lyricalspeakerz Xx

  25. Thank you Kayleigh! I’m really enjoying both performing and songwriting, particularly the songwriting over winter! I will check your SC page out when I’ve got access to headphones later today. And yes, life without music just wouldn’t be right! 🙂 x Sam RB

  26. Hi Sam RB, I bought your 2nd album, Queen Street Acoustic this morning at Parnell Farmer’s Market. And I asked you to sing one of your songs from the album and you sung 1989. Love it!!! Your beautiful, angelic voice reminds me of my favorite singer, Sarah McLachlan….Dream Big, keep on making heaps of album…..All the best to you. God bless. :)x Jennifer

  27. Thank you Jennifer 🙂 it was lovely to meet you. Great to hear you are enjoying my 2nd album. 1989 is a special song to me. And the rain stayed away! Yay 🙂 next album out 2014! 🙂

  28. Hi Sam, I am the English man on holiday who was visiting the market last Sunday with relatives. I bought one cd then decided that your voice was so good, bought the the other one too. You signed your latest cd for me. Now back home in England, your cd is a permanent fixture on my player and will put them in my car too. Your voice is amazing and I will play it to as many people as I can. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar and singing…only by myself in my room, wouldn’t dare in public! Are your lyrics and chords available anywhere so I may have a go at some of your songs?
    If not, no worries, but I really hope the world find out about you! Pity Queen Street isn’t in the UK!
    Best wishes,

  29. Hey Sam, yep like many others I was walking along the other side of the street and heard this siren like voice drawing me in…. what a voice… and what you say… hits the spot for anyone who has any kind of connection with themselves and this life 🙂
    Great sounding setup by the way, no dinky toys there it would appear.
    Got your latest album on the day, bought your first online a few days ago, I will say hello when you come back to Brownsy in Febuary. Take care and best wishes, your a fine example of a human being. Ian

  30. Ian, lovely to hear from you and i will have those albums in the post tomorrow x your words are so kind, thank you. we talked about original vs covers eh, a conversation i have with a few people but not often where people are pro original 🙂 no no dinky toys, although i am interested in getting a pedal one day! just so i can add some basic tapping/percussion. Im back on the bandstand Feb 22 (10am-2pm), be lovely to see you again 🙂 thanks again Ian!

  31. Hiya Sam…. its Chip….wow what an awesome voice….I am so glad the family decided that it was time to get me out of the house…..it has been many years since I have heard a voice and words so captivating. I could woffle on all night….but just wanted to say it was a real pleasure to have met you. I have played your cd non stop but am now wanting to find out where you will be to purchase the first one. I cant find your April Calender anywhere……

    I look forward to the next time we meet. Thanks or waking me up after a lot of years asleep .


  32. Morning Chip! Thanks for post 🙂 stoked you’re enjoying my 2nd album! My gig schedule is under ‘gigs’ in menu at top of screen. I can pop debut album in the post tho so will email you as well in a bit. Good on you for getting out of the house! 😀

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